The Table Service Kids

Kids bring so much joy into our lives, however, when it comes to planning a child's birthday party, it can be exhausting. 

Pinterest is a great place to start for ideas.

  1. Choose theme — This sets the tone for your party. Pick an existing one or create one of your own. 
  2. Determine budget — Before you start, create a budget to know how much you can spend. This way, you are sure to not go overboard. 
  3. Select date, time, and location — At least 2 months. This way, your guests have enough time to make arrangements.
  4. Create guest list — Start with family and close friends, then extend the list to include neighbors, classmates, colleagues, etc.
  5. Send invites — The earlier you give guests the party details, the better! Send out invitations 4-6 weeks prior to allow plenty of time to RSVP. 

    Lastly, hire us! Why? We help ease the chaos. You deal with family and friends, let us deal with the decor, setting up, rentals, and clean up. Yes, the clean up! We will have your backyard, park, or beach back to its original state in no time!
Kids Full Party set up starts at $1200
This includes:
-Picnic set up for up to 15 kids
-Theme of choice
-Additional child $40/child
Basic Kids package starts at $510
This includes:
-Picnic set up for up to 10 kids
-Theme of choice
-Additional child $30/child


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