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  • How does this pop-picnic thing work?
    Booking with us is straightforward: reserve online, and our coordinators will handle the design details, aligning with your inspiration within realistic expectations and budget. We use inspiration photos to capture the event's essence, not to duplicate every detail. Trust in our expertise and let us bring your vision to life with our style and inventory. On the day, we set up before you arrive and clean up afterward. Enjoy our hassle-free service with optional catering partnerships, and focus on celebrating your event.
  • I don't have a have a final headcount yet. Can I still reserve the date?
    Yes, we highly recommend reserving your date ASAP by booking for 60% of your total invite. EX: if you're planning on inviting 10 guests, we suggest to book party of 6 and you can add or reduce the week of your event. With that said, if you're inviting 50 people, book for 30 not 10. 10 would be too low and we would not be able to predict that large of an increase and may not have the amount of tables and pillows you may need available.
  • Do I need a permit?
    It depends per location. Pleas email us first prior to booking if deciding on a location that is not listed on our site.
  • Can you do picnic party of 40+?
    Absolutely! We can handle a crowd of up to 70 picnickers. But here's the deal: please give us a solid heads-up of about 2 weeks or more. That'll help us whip up a fantastic setup for you and your guests. We might pull off a last-minute big bash, but no promises. We'll put in the hustle to make it work. Just keep in mind, if you book within 2 weeks, we might not have all the bells and whistles you want in stock. Oh, and speaking of big parties, if you're rolling with more than 30, get ready for a mix of two table styles. We've got both espresso wood and white wash tables – same look, just different finishes.
  • Can I book an event for overnight?
    Yes, you can book an event to extend overnight. We do charge an additional fee for overnight events, which also includes additional travel fee. The additional travel fee is necessary because our coordinator will need to make two trips to your location—once to set up and once to pick up after the event. This ensures that everything runs smoothly and is convenient for you.
  • What if it is predicted to rain the day of the event?
    In case of rain forecasted for your event date, we offer an 80% refund if you cancel at least 72 hours prior. Cancellations made less than 72 hours before the event won't be eligible for a refund, as we will have already committed resources to planning and setting up your event.
  • Do you do balloons?
    We do not. We collab with some amazing balloon artists in the industry who can add that magical touch.
  • How long does it take to set up?
    Time for setting up differs depending on how big the party is. It may take 45min to 2hrs for a set up.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We don't offer refunds, but we can update your booking date without penalty up to 48hrs prior to your event.
  • What if the location I want is not listed as an option?
    If the location you'd like is not listed, please first call the city to confirm if permit is needed for a picnic vendor to set up. If permit is not needed, we can do so as long as there are no stairs involved (public location. Venue ok with a fee). Once you have approval and no permits needed, you can go ahead and book. To book, please write the location name in the notes section at the end of booking step. Travel fee will be added to your final invoice due the week of your event. If permit is needed, client is responsible for all fees needed. We will provide the insurance information at no extra charge.
  • Can I pay cash the day of?
    No. We do not allow our coordinators to accept cash day of due to security issues. A lot of our picnics can be costly. Having them walk around with such cash can be too risky or become a target.
  • Travel Fee
    Due to the increase in gas prices, we must also increase our travel fee as well. Travel fee pays for the gas for our coordinators to travel to the location and back and the time they spent driving to and back (often the coordinators had to leave 2-3hrs earlier just to beat traffic or in case of traffic). Travel fee cost is $1.50/mile round trip To calculate your travel fee, please click here
  • What is a Loss/Damage Fee?
    Loss/Damage fee is applied to all of our rental services. This covers any damages or loss of our items while in your possession. At time of pick up, it is best to stick around while our coordinator assess the aftermath so that everyone is on the same page and no surprises to you. The fee is based on the size of your event within the range of $50-$250. During the week of your event, we will send you a final invoice for your remining balance. In this invoice, please expect to see the loss/damage fee at the bottom. This will be refunded to you following day of your event if coordinator gives the greenlight that everything was accounted for and no damages was made. Damages includes: Wine, juice, or food stains on our picnic blankets or pillows. Paint on our tables, pillows, or blankets, any broken items such as vases, tables, etc. At the end of your event, our coordinator will assess your set up and report any damages/loss items. We highly recommend you staying a little after during the assess. If there is any report of damage or loss item, we will deduct the cost from your Loss/Damage deposit and refund you the remaining. If unsure, please feel free to write to us. Loss/Damage Fee Deposit: Picnics Party of 10 or less $50.00 Party of 15 or less $75.00 Party of 20 or less $100.00 Party of 25 or less $125.00 Party of 30 or less $150.00 Full Dining Party of 12 or less $50.00 Party of 24 or less $100.00 Party of 36 or less $150.00 Party of 48 or less $200.00 Party of 60 or less $250.00
  • Can you do a tea party?
    Yes, we love tea parties! Tea parties are perfect for afternoon brunch with the friends and family. It is also great for bridal showers and or girls parties. We do charge $10/teapots and $1/teacup and saucers. Max qty: 50.
  • Late Fee
    Late Fee and Payment Policy: To ensure the smooth execution of your event, all final payments are due within 72 hours of your event date. Please note the following important details regarding our payment policy: Late Payments: A late fee of $25 per day will be incurred for each day payment is delayed beyond the due date. Cancellation Policy: If payment is not received by the date of the event, we regretfully must cancel your reservation. This measure is necessary as our coordinators require timely payments to prepare and allocate resources effectively. Payment Process: All payments must be completed through our secure payment portal. A link to the portal is provided in the email we sent you. Please note, in-person payments on the day of the event are not accepted. Our coordinators are responsible for designing, packing, and checking out items essential for your event. They cannot perform these tasks until full payment has been received. Delayed payments may lead to delays in your event setup. As we manage multiple events per weekend, timely preparation is crucial to prevent any disruptions to your event or others. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in adhering to these payment terms to ensure your event proceeds as planned.
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