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Our Story

The Table Service, initially a pop-up picnic venture, launched shortly before the California state shutdown in late February 2020. Operations resumed by late June 2020, and we quickly witnessed a surge in demand across California. This uptick was due to restaurant closures and stringent indoor gathering rules. Our picnics, offering both intimacy and adherence to social distancing, became immensely popular. Founders Gloria Malaihollo and Stephanie Rende, who have been friends since the 7th grade, bonded over a shared enthusiasm for table decor. Additionally, the company's success was significantly bolstered by the invaluable contribution of Gloria's sister, Grace Malaihollo.

Stephanie Rende

Stephanie Rende

When Stephanie co-founded The Table Service, she was still employed full-time at Glidewell Laboratories, dedicating over a decade to working in the IT department as a QA technician, where she tested dental software before its release. However, she has since left her conventional 9-5 job, transforming her passion into her profession and pursuing her dreams full-time. At The Table Service, Stephanie takes on multiple roles. She's self-taught in various aspects necessary for the business's growth and now serves as our accountant, florist, and the person in charge of daily operations.

Gloria Malaihollo

Gloria and Stephanie both have a background at Glidewell Laboratories, which set the stage for founding The Table Service. Gloria's tenure at the Dental Lab equipped her with valuable skills in building a business plan, understanding profit and loss (P&L), software development, and honing management and leadership abilities—key elements for starting her own venture.

In their current roles at The Table Service, Gloria is the powerhouse behind the business operations. She manages business strategy, marketing, and social media outreach, ensuring the company's growth and visibility. Gloria has also enhanced her skill set with craftsmanship, constructing all of the picnic tables and various rental items like champagne/dessert carts and backdrops, contributing significantly to the business's unique offerings.

Gloria MAlaihollo


Together, Gloria and Stephanie are a dynamic duo with a shared vision of excellence for The Table Service. United by their strong friendship and mutual passion, they are committed to pushing boundaries and elevating their business to new heights. Their complementary skills—from strategic business planning and marketing to hands-on craftsmanship and operational management—fuel their journey towards greatness. With a blend of dedication and innovation, they are not just running a business; they are creating memorable experiences, determined to take The Table Service far beyond the ordinary.


Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the event planning process for you. We handle all the details, from putting everything together to setting up and cleaning up, allowing you to focus on enjoying your significant occasions without the hassle.


Our Goals

We aim to establish our own venue, envisioning a space that embodies the spirit of 'Hell Yeah!'—all-inclusive, affordable, yet strikingly exceptional. Our goal is to create a place where every event feels special and memorable, blending convenience with an unforgettable atmosphere.

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