Outdoor Dinning

Backyard Dining

A Luncheon and Dinner parties are a fun way to gather with family and friends, share some good food and drinks and maybe a cocktail or two (who's judging?), and simply enjoy each other’s company. If you’re thinking of planning a dinner party but don’t know where to start, let us help you! We can take the stress out of planning the set up and decor, etc. All you have to do is provide the food and drinks, we will do the rest, even the clean up. I mean, who would want to clean up after a great meal? Food coma and all. No thanks! 

That is where we come in. Let us know how many people, type of decor, color, vibe you'd like and we will take care of the rest. We will even recommend some great chef or catering for you as well to make things even easier. In this way, all you really have to do is invite the guest! We set up and we clean up, leaving your home back to its original state.

***Plates and utensils are disposable. Ceramic plates and silverware are available upon request (Cleaning fee applies)***