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How it works?

Option 1

Book online with paying the deposit to secure your date. On the week of your event, we will send you a final invoice with final headcount and changes. On this invoice, you will have the option to pay with Afterpay. Once approved by Afterpay, you will then have the option to pay off the balance in 4 installments for interest free payments.

Pros: You can still make changes to headcount and add/remove add-ons. Installments does not start until after your first payment with Afterpay. 

You don't know if you will be approved or not for Afterpay until after you receive the final invoice. By this time, you have already booked and planned your event. (If you already have Afterpay account then you should already have an idea if you're qualified or not).

Option 2

You let us know how many guests, your add-ons, location, etc. We create the invoice manually and sends it over to you. You can then review and pay with Afterpay option. Make the first minimal payment and pay remaining in 4 installments for interest free option.

Pros: You will know first hand if you are approved by Afterpay or not prior to booking your event with nonrefundable deposit.

Cons: There will be no changes after you make the first payment. Best to get accurate headcount and locations ahead of time. We can always bill you for additional guests, however we can not partially refund you for less guests. 

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